3 quick tips on how to convert your website visitors into paying customers for your practice.

Would you like to get more appointment requests from your website?

Well, it is quite easily possible. Here are some quick tips, that implemented, will result in getting more clients from your website:

 1.  Build more trust in you and your services.

People visiting your website will most likely not know you very well, therefore they are not trusting you enough to consider you as a potential person who can help them with their problem. We need to show them that we are suitable for them, that we understand their situation better than they understand it themselves, that we are experts and how we can help them, and that we are a legit business that is not going to scam them.

So how can you easily increase trust?

  • Publish your professional photography (added points if you are counselling someone on it).
  • Show your professional credentials.
  • Publish your full name, address, contact details, business name.
  • Post positive reviews of your service – I am aware that for mental health professionals it does not always seem ethical, but we don’t have to post clients’ full names – we can use “client” or just put their initials. 
  • Tell your story and why did you start your career of helping other people 
  • Address client’s current situation in your site’s copy

 Just implementing those quick fixes will help build more trust in you as a professional.

 2.  Think from the client’s perspective.

Everyone listens to WIIFM station = What’s In It For Me.

The common mistake I see when consulting therapists is that their website is entirely about them, not about their clients. They talk about the school they went to, where they are based, and what is their specialization. I am not saying that is not important or that you don’t have to talk about yourself at all. But keep it to a couple of paragraphs!

Clients that visit your website are more interested in the problems they are trying to fix rather than listen only about you.  So, if you would like to get more people to contact you through your website, adjust your website copywriting to be written from the client’s perspective. Include for example how they might feel right now, what problems they are facing and why, or how they will benefit from using your service.

3.  Have a clear and easy-to-follow Call To Action at the bottom of each page.

We need to encourage potential visitors to either leaving their contact details or directly booking an appointment with you. The easiest way on how we can achieve that is to use the so-called Call To Action (CTA). What is that?

For example, a Call to Action would be a request for the consumer to purchase a product or provide personal details and contact information.

One of my client’s CTA:

I am not telling you that you have to give a 30 minutes free introductory session just to get people to contact you. It will depend on your situation, your experience, and many other factors. You can for example place just a simple contact form or offer potential customers PDF with valuable tips.

Having a clear Call to Action on your website will boost the number of people requesting your appointment drastically.


After implementing those quick tips, you should basically immediately see an increased number of appointment requests from your website.

Contact me if you would like to implement those things in your website and get a constant flow of clients that will come to you each month.