Our client struggled with acquiring a constant flow of clients for her Private Practice with her online presence. We have delivered for her a completely new website, that is optimized for a google search, so the potential clients can find her services when they need it! Before our cooperation, her website got barely any views.

Now around 200 users visits her website and she is getting almost 10 people to contact her each month!

Look what Carla is saying:

Case study:

Increased visits by +607%

Increased unique visitors by +457%

Increased page views by +1,133%

Increased people requesting an appointment by +800%!

By using digital marketing we managed to get her 20 people to request an appoitment with her during just one month.

Many of them become her clients afterward.

Radical Practice Psychotherapy

Dorotea had some clients, but not enough to fill her capacity. After we redesigned her website and improved the visibility in the Google, she has gotten plenty of appointment requests. 


vs After

Look what Dorotea is saying:

peace of mind wellbeing

Stephanie wanted to transition from the NHS job to full-time practice and to grow this business even more by hiring other clinicians. We helped her transform her visbility online , now she gets plenty of new refferals each week and she already hired her first employee! 

She loves her new website, look what she say about our cooperation:

Stephanie Dunning
Stephanie Dunning
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I am completely thrilled with the support that Slawomir has been able to provide myself and my business! He has been phenomenal the whole way through, remaining very focused, driven and professional at all times. I have always been certain of the plan and the work that Slawomir has been carrying out on behalf of the business and I am delighted to see a number of new referrals coming in based off the work Slawomir has carried out to support us to get the business online and grow our online presence. Slawomir has been able to offer incredible advice surrounding what he thinks may work best and invite and attract more readers and encourage people to enquire, allowing us to develop a sense of trust with them, to begin developing the therapeutic relationship before therapy even starts. Slawomir has always been happy to be contacted at any time and has always been pleased to answer any questions I have had. I highly recommend Slawomir to anyone who is looking at growing their therapy business and receiving new referrals. He has been fantastic and is also just generally a lovely guy!

Nicole Sublette Counseling

Nicole never had any problems with getting clients, but she preferred getting a higher ticket and only self-paying clients. With our help, we achieved exactly that.

She loves her new website, look what she say about our cooperation:

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