Social Media Won’t Grow Your Practice!

Trying to build an audience on Facebook or Instagram is such a terrible idea.

You will invest time & energy and it will get you nowhere.

Why? Let me explain:

Every platform has two growth periods, one is organic (free) and after that, there is a paid growth phase. 

Basically, when companies start with a new platform, they want to get as many people as possible on their platform. But once they build it enough, they are stopping organic growth. So to be able to reach your followers you need to pay THEM for that possibility.

Their entire business model is to get money from advertisements, if they would allow organic growth, nobody would pay them for the ads.

Many people start the fanpage on Facebook or separate profile on Instagram, they invite their friends to follow them and that way they will try to grow their audience. But it totally doesn’t work like that. Whatever you will be posting you will only reach some of your friends and not your Target Audience, so you won’t get any new customers. 

So if you think that you will build your audience by organic growth on Facebook or Instagram… think again!

Besides, you don’t have to believe me, Facebook publicly stated that they want to stop any organic growth. [1] And since they own Instagram as well, it’s the same thing there.

The only organic growth on social media you can do these days is to create Reels on IG and TikToks, because they are still in the organic growth stage for now until they will stop promoting them and start charging money to reach new people.

But unless you want to dance in the Reels or TikToks, you won’t get much free exposure….

So what’s the solution?

Be where your customers are. Be in GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS.

It’s the easiest and most effective way to get people to contact you and request your services.

It works for dozens and dozens of my clients and for me as well.

It’s much more time-effective as well, you don’t have to create and post multiply times a week just to get barely any engagement under your posts.

Don’t waste time on something that doesn’t work!

Work smart, not hard. When people are looking for a therapist, they go into google search results, not social media.

So make it easy for them to find you and see your referrals and caseload increases!

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